Comax Marine

Weihai Comaxmarine.,Co.Ltd
Comax Marine is professional inflatable product manufacture since 2006, our product range is abundant and use different production process for different product and different market request. Comax team is focus on quality and product innovation, and developing new material or process to have new design.

During about 10 years development, for inflatable tube production we have hand glued process and also hot welded process. For hot welded process, we are proud of our technology and stable Quality, pretty finish. Hot welded process will be advantage for hot weather area to have competitive items, and also safe process for inflatable tent or oil fence products.

Comax product range is as following:

Inflatable boat: Full size and different shape for customer choosing, and we also can follow customer request to make design.

Inflatable Kayak: Stable and good design, the material can be PVC material and also drop stich fabric for high pressure .

ISUP: Have good design and stable quality, extra fabric sticked by rolling machine to make sure the quality.

Rafting boat,banana boat , catamaran spee

d boat, fishing boat: Always new development, and hot welded process will be big help for hot weather market.

RIB, FRP console & seat: Comax has another specialized team who is always focus on new design and function improvement, and quality control & cost control on FRP products. Full size for RIB series, and always new development on console & seat.

Inflatable tent : It’s very successful items during those year, we supply quite quantity to military & rescuing department & hospital rescue systems, and we also developed small size for camping usage, very convenient for setting up and storage, affordable price and strong quality. And Comax inflatable tent used hot welded process for tube production, you sleep inside, you can’t smell glue.

Waterpark tube: We use hot welded process to make this tube, it’s more safe and long life for using.

Safty airmatress: We have different floor grade safty airmatress.

Oil fence: We are specialized in inflatable oil fence & fast& soild float boom

Water tank & storage & foldable fuel tank: It can be made according to customer request.

Comax team always focus on development and quality control & cost control and also accurate leading time to cooperate with our clients.